The Goods

Our Flower

The heart of Southland Farms is the five small batch grow rooms where Chris and the team perform their magic. Our flower is grown in living soil, hand pruned and watered, and handled post-harvest in a manner befitting fine craft weed.

Connoisseur Grade Cannabis

The best of the best, designated by the gold label on the jar. Less than 15% of our flower earns the rank of connoisseur grade. Every bud is hand selected for its combination of appearance, aroma, flavor, and effect. All connoisseur grade flower has earned a Ganjier SAP score of 90 points or better. CG flower is available in ½ and 1-ounce jars.

Premium Grade Cannabis

Top shelf flower that raises the standard for commercial cannabis. Clean green certified and hand trimmed, the buds that make it into our Premium Grade selections aromatically and visually demonstrate why those who know choose craft cannabis. PG flower is available in ¼ ounce jars.

Caregiver by Southland

Everyone deserves access to organically grown, clean green certified weed. That’s why Southland developed the Caregiver line as an homage to our legacy roots and our commitment to bring fine craft weed to the people. Harvested from the same plants as our CG and PG flower, our Caregiver fresh 1/8ths have the same great taste and effect as all our flower, the buds are just smaller and may not be cured as long.


Did you know our smokes and king joints are hand-rolled in-house and packed with our Southland Farms grown organic craft cannabis? This is indeed the good stuff!

Raw Trichomes

Southland Farm produces artisan quality solventless raw trichomes.  Our Temple Balls are a modern interpretation of the legendary Nepalese Temple Ball, rarely available on the commercial market.  In addition, fresh, weekly selections of live pressed rosin, and loose bubble are on the menu

Partner Products

We are now partnering with quality brands to expand our Budtique offerings! Come on in to learn more about our cartridges, edibles and topicals – all vetted by our very own Ganjier Mike.