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Southland Farms is built on a few simple ideas:

  • Grow great organic cannabis fertilized with love not chemicals.
  • Treat every customer like a dear friend, sharing knowledge, joy, and love.
  • Only sell products that meet our artisanal standards.
  • Foster a community of patients and partiers to fight the craft weed revolution.
  • Love is the Answer


Southland Farm’s Curated Weed Programs

Becoming a Friend of the Farm allows you to take part in Southland Farm’s curated weed programs so that you always have access to our finest flower.

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Get the goods before the public.

Every Thursday morning Southland emails a weekly list of available flower, hash, and special release products.  Family members can reserve their selection for convenient pick-up before the buds are released to the public when the the Southland Store opens at 10 am on Friday. 

Family members will receive lots of other fun and informative information about farm activities, cannabis culture and everything that makes living the weed life so great.  Don’t miss out!

The Good stuff

Fine Craft Weed

Southland Farms believes that Michigan deserves the finest craft cannabis, cultivated with love, and not the mediocre pre-packaged weed produced by big cannabis. That’s why we use all-natural, organic inputs and our secret ingredient, LOVE, caring for every plant by hand.

As it should be

Independently owned

From its unique genetics and growing in living soil to its state-of-the-art Leeds-certified facility and luxury retail environment, Southland welcomes cannabis connoisseurs, medicinal users, and curious newcomers to a higher experience, offering Michigan’s finest craft weed.

Visit us in

Niles, MI

We differentiate ourselves by the experience we create at our vertically integrated grow and craft retail space where we place extra care and love in our cultivation to create the finest weed in Michigan.